Everyone’s favorite! Winner of the 2009 sofi™ gold award for outstanding cookie – this continental confection is two feather light, toffee wafers sandwiched with smooth dark or milk chocolate. Try all of our great varieties!


  • Chocolate Almond: crunchy almond wafers sandwiched with velvety dark chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolate Macadamia: rich macadamia wafers sandwiched by smooth milk chocolate.

Exciting News

We are excited to announce that our espresso dark chocolate almond Laceys® won the Specialty food industry’s 2016 sofi silver award for Outstanding Cookie!

Winner of the specialty food industry’s Oscar, the NASFT sofi gold award, in 2009 for “outstanding cookie”.
Winner of NASFT’s sofi silver award in 2008 for “outstanding cookie”.

Handpicked by Food 411 (one of Time magazine’s coolest websites) and labeled, “delicious”.

Voted consumer favorite at the 2009 Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Washington, D.C.

Baklava won Gourmet Retailer’s best of the aisle award at the Fancy Food Show.

Laceys ® were recently featured on the ABC comedy show, “Repeat After Me”

Desserts On Us Laceys ® were also recently featured on Food Network’s show, “Food Factory”!