Everyone's favorite! Winner of the 2009 sofi™ gold award for outstanding cookie - this continental confection is two feather light, toffee wafers sandwiched with smooth dark or milk chocolate. Try all of our great varieties!


  • Chocolate Almond: crunchy almond wafers sandwiched with velvety dark chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolate Macadamia: rich macadamia wafers sandwiched by smooth milk chocolate.
  • Coconut and Dark Chocolate Almond: a delicious treat of coconut and dark chocolate sandwiched between two crisp, toffee wafer cookies.
  • Espresso and Dark Chocolate Almond: a delicious treat of rich dark chocolate sandwiched between two crisp espresso-kissed toffee wafer cookies.


We have been making distinctive and delicious desserts since 1990. Our gourmet products are made with the freshest high quality ingredients and no preservatives. You’ve probably seen our Laceys in stores across the United States. sofi Sensational recipes using the highest quality ingredients make Desserts on Us, Inc. products unique and distinctive taste delights. It's no surprise our product won Gourmet Retailer's "Best of the Aisle" award of excellence at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show and the 2009 sofi™ gold award for Outstanding Cookie! Desserts on Us, Inc. started in 1990 with a unique product - baklava. Described by those who ate it as, "the best baklava you will ever eat," this incredible baklava quickly became known nationwide through catalogs. Our scrumptious baklava comes in many varieties, including our original chocolate-covered Baklabar. Our best selling Laceys® are featured nationwide in stores and catalogs. This unique product line reflects our customer's desire for high quality gourmet desserts.

SQF Level 2 Certified